Wednesday, September 27, 2017

10/1 - Sunday

I am turning the page.
Next chapter.
Same Life.
New people. Some of the Same most amazing people.

Recommend reading The Yellow Envelope

The Yellow Envelope was just the perfect book for me to read on the flight from Shannon, Ireland to Fort Bliss, Texas.  Much like Kim Dinan, the author of the book I am turning the page and starting a new chapter once again.

Summary of the book:
Plagued by anxiety and a persistent feeling that there was more to life than paychecks and mortgages, Kim and her husband decide to uproot their lives and travel around the world. Just before their departure, they’re given an unexpected gift that will shape their adventures: a yellow envelope containing a check and instructions to give the money away to those they encounter on their journey.
Through Ecuador, India, Nepal, and beyond, the pair encounter problems at every step, including major challenges to their marriage. But as Kim and her husband figure out how to give to the people they meet and to each other, they learn that money does not have a thing to do with the capacity to give.
The Yellow Envelope is a vividly insightful look at how travel stretches and pushes the traveler, and it tells the tale of the transformative power of giving, not just of money, but also of ourselves.

Granted it looks and smells complete different but it is so strikingly similar.
I am going to free for awhile and wandering. And I am going to do just that. Granted it has my style of busyness attached to it but it is mine.

How will I make a difference and who will be impacted?
I just cannot help but excited about the opportunities ahead. I mean, why wouldn't I be.

Love Warrior

I finished  listening to Love Warrior on deployment.  The book really made me think about a lot of things. For me it was powerful and insightful. I love what she had to say about life and making choices and her faith. And how things can be both easy and complicated.