Saturday, September 28, 2013

saved what I thought would be appropriate for last...

I have been carrying the book No Easy Day  around for over ten months. There was a fair amount of drama about this book when it first came out so I set it aside.  I finally picked it up over a week ago and wanted to finish it before I left country. Partly because I was ready to read it and partly because I did not want to drag it back half way around the world. I was not disappointed. I think the story lines up closely with the two movies and the other articles I have read on the death of OBL and how detail oriented they were prior to the raid and out lines all of the politics in any high profile mission.
The book articulates the professionalism and training of soldiers and how rehearsals and plans pay off so things go smoothly even in the middle of chaos.  It also hopefully gives people the realty that one day you could be on a high profile mission and the next week you still mow your lawn and take care of your children.

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Battle Ready - Must read

At the beginning of August I finished reading Battle Ready by Mark L. Donald. A hero for all to take a moment and reflect upon.
BATTLE READY is a powerful military memoir based on the life of one of the highest decorated combat veterans of the Afghan and Iraqi wars and the most decorated medical officer for service on the battlefield since the Second World War.

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Battle Ready


Literally had someone share some words with me that took my breath away. It made me stop and think that we need to share what we really feel about one another more often.