Sunday, July 14, 2013

A few field notes (as if I am a botanist or something)
It is has been busy  - they named the operations as if they were a swarm.
Ha.. now we have a swarm of paperwork.
I guess one could call it that.

Yesterday, was a win - delicious italian meal, good work out and good company.
I am lucky. If I cannot go to Turkey before I go back to work - I think it's going to be Italy.

I have been able to meet with some amazing women here in Farah trying to make a better life for themselves and for all women here.  If I were here in a different capacity I would just go see and do. Just not sure how to get to the other capacity.

I did cave in.
Our partners brought in a pool a few weeks ago.
A small pool that you would see in your backyard. Maybe 2 feet tops.
this has no business here.
Yesterday I found my self outside during the day catching up on homework,
reading about the horrors of the lives Jews during WW2 dangling my feet in the pool.
I know no place here...

I am extremely lucky here and I have met some incredible people.
It is providence.
Right Place.
Right time.