Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Ok today sucked.               (this was written several days ago)

Not in the way the military in general can make things miserable… it is bigger than that I guess.

The actually act of being a soldier was good today. I did what I needed to do to accomplish the task, no major issues, went to the shooting range, cleaned my weapon and pretty much did what I needed to do.

I received confirmation from American University that I can take online classes with them over the summer – no issues. The rate per credit hour is absolutely ridiculous but I think the door opened for a reason. That is all I am saying. More to follow on that.  I have been wanting to do this since the 12th grade. Many moons have passed.

Then internally I started feeling something weird. I had just finished reading some open source articles about the events that had taken place in Kabul. Young girls being in school being “poisoned”. Who poisons girl’s in school?  Later I read an article about a young girl taking refuge in a city because her father had married her off to a 36 year old man that already had one wife and her step father allegedly was abusing her.

Then the punch in the stomach came. Two women were murdered on a bus. Why, you ask? Because they were travelling alone without a husband, brother or uncle. Yes, the crime was immediately punished by death.  If everyone would stop blowing the crap out of one another maybe there would be some men folk left.

One recent revelation is that not only are these women struggling for education and  to survive but so many of this young male population are now addicts over here
So, it is complication after complication mixed with extremism mixed with 30 years of war poverty and corruption. A cocktail one cannot constantly consume and survive.

On top of all that this happened.  Attack in Afghanistan

These folks live 3 minutes walking distance from me.  One of the Marines was from Colorado. I never met CPL Sonka but I think I would have eventually. He had a working dog and he actually passed us on the dusty running trail with his 4 wheeler a few days ago with his dog.  I love dogs - you know eventually it might have happened.

So, today I dedicate to you CPL Sonka and your dog.

And tomorrow to the ladies that were just trying to get somewhere for something and to the young girl that walks in fear and goes to school anyway.                                                       


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