Thursday, March 16, 2006

Somehow I missed the big announcement by the organization I have affiliations with “Army Guard sponsors professional Bass anglers"
I have discovered that, “Fifty million people in the United States go fishing. Do the math, and that’s one in every six people living in the United States who go fishing at least once a year.”

The first pro tournament was held in 1967, and for years it remained very popular in the Southeast. There were numerous circuits, with the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society being the most prominent in the early years. That is still a major tour. (I wonder what they mean by Major?)

So I created another top 5 things the guard could sponsor:

American Cookie Jar Association
National Duck Stamp Collectors Society
North American Shuffleboard Championships
Tibetan National Sports Association
National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering

Who knows I could reach a whole new crowd… maybe I need to stick with my day job.
An awesome Coalition news story and the use of Civil Affairs.

If you get a few moments, take a look at the great things happening in Afghanistan.

“It’s great to be a part of something like this,” Killgore said. “Three separate missions came together as one team and worked in one cohesive motion.”

Sounds like a great plan came together.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday Morning – I can see the mountains and it is only 6:15 am!
It is getting closer to spring –

The sunrise this morning was at 6:11. But the skies were already showing light at 5:50. The dogs can see when they go out in the morning and it is not dark when I head out to the gym. Good news.

Weeds have made their weary wintry heads up through the flower beds. Yep.

The first track meet is tonight. Look out all track and fielders - Daughter is launching the shot put.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

another hurdle

My daughter has crossed over another hurdle - which both amused me and scared the crap out of me at the same time.

She had what I would call her first real date last night. Yeah a real date. The c-boy drove to the house, knocked on the door, chatted with me for a few minutes and they left. I had drill that day, so I had not changed from my uniform (We all thought that mom in uniform on the couch, would help set the tone!) Her friend (and her mom and sister) came over to help her get ready. (the poor kids had an attentive audience) It was really very sweet.

I told them they had to be home at 9:30. Sure enough she was on time. She came running in the door laughing. She was both amused and perplexed. The date had been o.k. Nothing magical or mystical. They had met with two other couples for dinner and went to the penny arcade. The other couples were immature and acted ridiculus (they were also a few years older) and the arcade was "stupid". C-boy admitted that his friends were weird and they both just had an ok time with them . They stopped at Sonic for a DR pepper and came home. I think she will definitely hang out with him again, maybe it was best that things were a little awkward.

I think he saw that the daughter has a good head on her shoulders and she has definite purpose. I am sure the stories will continue... But I feel better we got the first out of the way...
We had thought of making them take pictures on the porch and using the video cam - but that might have been too much. I did ask about his driving history. (in Colorado you must drive for one year without other teens in the car), He was actually beginning to get it out of his wallet to show me, when I stopped him. He was so sweet and a little nervous.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Shopping - I have to admit I really like to grocery shop. Yep. This week has been especially fun. At Curves, we are having a month long food drive for local area charities. All of the members are bringing in groceries and you can earn "prizes" at certain levels. The friendly competition is in full swing! I carried in 50 pounds of food yesterday. I had a fun buying baby needs and other items for those in need. I used coupons saved $14 only spending $23 on the grocery loot.

the tax man

About two months ago I received a letter stating that we owed the State of Co – 75.00, due to an error on our taxes.
I raised an eyebrow – but figured what ever. We partly work for the state in the National Guard and figured they could use the extra money. About two weeks ago, I received a note requesting that we send 176.00 for delinquency in 2002. Hmmm.
So, I do prepare my own taxes and use the software that is available to everyone. Could I be off by that much?
I have most of my things ready to prepare for 2005, I just need to purchase the software, I am slightly less confident though, with the recent of amount of correspondence. I think I might round up all the figures and give them a few extra dollars as a bonus. I guess auditors need to keep busy and preparations that mirror mine are job security.
I decided to do a bit of research Tax Tips for January 2006 and found little useful information.
I will just go for it and hope for the best. I have a full month to prepare!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My daughter and I watched Jarhead again today. We went to the theatre on the Marine Corps to watch it the first time and now we own a copy. It was plagued with mixed reviews, but I liked it. I read the book about two years ago – even sent to my brother when he was in Horn of Africa.

As per usual the weeks are just crossing off my calendar. Tomorrow is Friday and although the week has been completely full, it seems like it was just Monday. My weekends are full for the next several weeks – so the family just needs to get over the idea of sparkly white counter tops and neatly folded towels. March madness is taking on new meaning at our house.

I am going to be an aunt in less than two months – Hard to believe. I am anxious for the baby girl. Many miles will separate us, but my heart will be ready to receive the new gift!

The weather is changing here – Shortly, I will be able to come home and have a few hours of daylight after work. I cannot wait to get my hands in my soil and plant. I have four raised beds that I cram as much stuff as possible in. Last year I planted beets and they were simply delicious. Of course, I will dominate the garden with the easy stuff like lettuce, squash and radish – but I am going to mix it up this year too. I am going to stagger plant sunflowers and try my hand at parsnips.

Growing up as a small child we always had a huge garden. We lived in a rural area until about the fourth grade – My mom always planted row after row. She canned vegetables and froze the fruits of her labor. The largest difference is that I do this as a hobby – I yearn to be close to living things. I love to watch things turn from seed to leaves to plants to abundance. My mom did it as a necessity. She did this knowing that the produce she preserved for the winter would carry us through. Some say that canning, baking and home making are a lost art. I cannot completely argue with this theory. I am just thankful for the female role models in my daughter’s life that can carry out these activities fairly well. I have never mastered making the perfect flaky pie crust, baking bread from scratch or mastering perfect moist peanut butter cookies. But, I recognize not everyone has the gift. Her aunts and close friends compliment my shortcomings.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bedtime enforcement...not

So, I guess my role of mom is slightly changing.
I keep trying to get my daughter to bed by 9pm. She looked at me and said Mom. “I am 15 years old. Seriously, I can stay up past nine.”
In my eye’s it is still lights out at nine!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

hawaii... sigh

My friend is planning a trip to Oahu in a few weeks.
I have to admit I had twinge of jealousy take over me, just for a second.
We lived in Hawaii our first 3 years of married life. My daughter was born there. I ended active duty and began my National Guard career. Out of SHEER luck my brother was stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station.
What luck brother and sister stationed together - Army - Marine. He would bring his single friends over to eat and relax at our house.

We met incredible friends. I fell in the love with the people and fell in love with the food and culture. I guess you could say part of heart is with people I got to know in Hawaii.
We were ready to move, but going from Schofield Barracks to Hinesville, GA was just about all one could take in the early 1990’s. For months I was home sick for Oahu. (and I am originally from the Midwest!)
She asked me to put together a quick list of things to do and explore.

So, here are the top 15 things I would do on Oahu.

1. Haliewa, North Shore. Eat at Jameson’s. Walk around the shops. Drive up the road to beach. Visit Wyland’s Gallery. Eat shaved ice.
2. Dole Plantation Tour, It is Cheesy, It is a tourist trap – but it is fun!
3. Visit the The Contemporary Musuem, Honolulu
4. Visit the Honolulu Zoo, We took my daughter here a lot. It is simple and small, but fun.
5. Visit Hickam AFB and The Pearl Harbor Nave Exchange
6. Ala Moana Mall. SHOPPING
7. Turtle Bay Hilton on the North Shore
8. Pearl Harbor Memorial
9. International Marketplace (tourtist trap - but very interesting!)
10. China Town – Dim Sum!
11. Asian Bakeries
12. More Shave Ice....
13. Sunset Beach
14. Thai food at this place in Pearl City - I cannot remember the name!
15. Visit with old friends
16. Plate lunches, bento boxes and mac salad.
17. Thai Iced Coffee
18. Drink Strawberry Liloki Hawaiian Sun Juice

ok -- narrowing the list is not easy... beaches, sun, walking, hiking, visting, laughing and eating all sound great in Hawaii. Just breathing... and relaxing.

Have fun dear friends.. enjoy.

We are planning a family trip next year to celebrate our daughters 16th birthday. She was born in the pink hospital! Alot can change in a year, I will keep good thoughts.