Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear Neighbor Down the street,

Thanks for the spirited discussion.

Thank you for serving our country and guranteeing our freedoms.

I also keep a watchful eye on the benefits for the military; as I have a vested interest myself.

I do think you are mistaken on two issues.

Mitt Romney was not a draft dodger. You must get your facts straight.
So, voting for the Current POTUS has no valid argument with me or anyone for that matter; if you are using that as a qualifier. He has not served either.

And your references to Obamacare - please see the ACT itself –

Beginning with fiscal 2015, if Medicare is projected to grow too quickly, IPAB will make binding recommendations to reduce spending. Those recommendations will be sent to Capitol Hill at the beginning of the year, and if Congress doesn't like them, it must pass alternative cuts -- of the same size -- by August. A supermajority of the Senate (at least two-thirds of those present) can also vote to amend the IPAB recommendations. If Congress fails to act, the secretary of health and human services is required to implement the cuts.

Link to the entire pdf   -   Read the details about the cuts and boards. This is legislation and facts.

This article was in Forbes Magazine - Note not campaign propaganda.

Forbes article on details for Seniors

You accused me of using propaganda and incorrect facts.

With all do respect - I care about my future, I care about veterans, I care about women, I care for the people that cannot represent themselves.  I am worried about our future. We deserve better. I do not just blindly check the R box without consideration and investigation.  There are R's in this community I will never check the box for based on my personal integrity and choice.

And when I mentioned the atrocities of Benghazi - SGM (Retired)– you said nothing. Those were our fallen comrades and an US Ambassador.

10 days –

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bow to Nobody