Friday, December 21, 2012

Rant for a moment

My rant for just a moment.

I have been fairly quiet since the election.

The voting public has spoken and so let the cards fall where they lay.

The neighborhood gas station has gas for $2.94. A nice little break since my federal income taxes are on the rise come Jan 1st.

Nice to have a few extra dimes in the coin purse for a week or two.

And speaking of dimes and bags… Coloradoan residents passed Amendment 64 on the premise that Children will have a better education once we start collecting tax revenue on cannabis. The teachers unions and others are thrilled at the endless possibilities. At this point, I just cannot see the gain and increases that one would hope but we shall see.

But here is what I am really ticked about.

You see, I have a sensitive nose.

Certain smells bother me.

I will be completely honest with you, I avoid people that smell like MJ. When I stand next to someone and the residue is lingering on their clothes it makes me sick to my stomach. When pot was illegal you ran into the “stinkers” less frequently and in places like 7-11 on Nevada or the ski chair at Breck. But now the possibilities are endless. This week I stood in front of two people at Walgreens that probably had been exercising their new rights that day and it made me sick. I wanted to set down my items and run out of the store.

And this is why we need to really think when we vote…

What are the “side effects”… What are the downstream (wind) effects?


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Saturday, December 08, 2012


Could be the lack of sleep. Could be just the raw emotions of it all.

But today I thought I felt injustice.

A few callous words were uttered which painted people as just numbers meeting certain requirements based on biased facts.

I felt like I needed to find justice.

And later tonight when I started to think about and cried.

I was ashamed to think that my uncomfortable injustice compares nothing to the injustice against women around the world.

I live within the law. I have freedom.

take deep breaths......